The Ultimate Football Fantasy Draft

Are you tired of the same old fantasy football draft parties that lack excitement and leave you craving for something more? Look no further! Kitty Cat Now Tampa brings you the ultimate football draft experience that combines your love for the game with the top-notch strippers! Picture this: your friends gathered around a draft board, surrounded by stunning nude waitresses, who not only serve drinks and assist with the draft but also provide an electrifying distraction for your opponents. Get ready for an unforgettable day of fantasy football drafting like never before!

Make ’em sweat! Topless or Nude waitresses, distractions, and epic picks.

Hold onto your jerseys, boys, because we’ve got a lineup of drop-dead gorgeous topless or nude waitresses ready to make your fantasy draft dreams come true. These strippers are more than just eye candy – they’re here to keep the drinks flowing and assist you with your picks. They’ll slap those stickers on the board like pros, making sure everything goes down smoothly and sexy. let’s not forget their secret weapon – distracting the hell out of your opponents! It’s all about that friendly competition, right?

Break Time, But Make It Hot

Let’s face it, drafting players for your fantasy football league can sometimes become monotonous. But worry not, because at Kitty Cat Now Tampa, we know how to keep our energy levels high. Our talented strippers are here to break up the draft sessions with electrifying performances that will leave everyone in awe. With their interactive games and seductive performances, they’ll provide a much-needed break from the drafting action and inject an unforgettable experience into the mix.

The End Zone: Take Those Memories Home

No more settling for stale draft parties! It’s time to crank up the heat with Kitty Cat Now Tampa. From the moment you step into the room until the final pick is made, we guarantee an unforgettable day of fantasy football drafting, filled with strippers, exciting distractions, and unforgettable performances. Say goodbye to the same old get-together and hello to a fantasy football draft experience that’s sexy, fun, and downright unforgettable! Get ready to make memories that’ll keep you grinning from ear to ear and kick off your season like true ballers. Let’s do this!

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