Spring Into Your Bachelor Party This Summer with Kitty Cat Now

Your buddy is going to be getting married, and you’ve been given the honor of being the best man at the wedding in Tampa. This also entails providing your friend with a bachelor party to remember. It takes a bit of planning to get things just right, but you know your friends better than anyone else. You can put together a perfect day or a full weekend. Let’s look at some of the things to consider.

Who Will Be Attending?

First, who is going to attend the bachelor party? Will it be just the groom, you, and a few other close friends? Will it be a bigger event? It’s time to start thinking about who is on the invite list, and who shouldn’t be invited. Bachelor parties can get a little wild, so take care with who receives an invitation.

Where Will It Be Held?

Once you know who you want to invite, determine where you want to hold the event. Maybe you or another friend has a big home that would be ideal for the party. Perhaps booking a hotel room or a vacation rental is a better option. Will you be staying in town, or will this be a destination party? What about a party on a yacht? The sky’s the limit.

What Will You Be Doing?

After you have those answers, you can start to focus on all of the other logistics, such as the food and entertainment. What sorts of activities are you going to be doing? You might want to keep things relatively simple and play some poker. Going out to a nice dinner, a sporting event, or some bars might work, too.

Try to make everyone who is attending will have a good time. Keep in mind that the man of honor—the bachelor—needs to have the best time. You want this to be a perfect send-off, which leads us to what comes next.

You Gotta Have Strippers

Strippers complete a bachelor party. You have quite a few options when it comes to strippers thanks to Kitty Cat Now Tampa. Consider starting the day off right with a Tits and Toast or Boobs and Bacon package, which includes breakfast cooked for you, as well as an erotic show. You could also have strippers for the afternoon or evening, topless or nude waitresses, and more.

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