How to Find Reputable Exotic Dancers

Planning a special event in Tampa? An exotic dancer or two could be just what you need. From guy’s nights to bachelor parties to long weekends on the yacht, beautiful girls make every event better. But how do you ensure you’re able to hire reputable exotic dancers? We’ve got the guidance you need.

1. They’re Employed by a Respected Agency

The first sign that an exotic dancer is reputable is that they work with a respected agency. That’s not to demean any solo dancers or entrepreneurs, but dancers who work for an agency have been through a thorough background check and understand the rules and regulations that apply. Agencies also understand that any less-than-stellar behavior on the part of their dancers will reflect on the company’s brand, so they take care to hire professionals.

2. They Abide by All Laws and Regulations

Second, make sure that any exotic dancers you’re considering understand the laws and regulations that apply at the local, state, and federal levels. In many areas, that simply means no gambling or illicit drugs, but different localities can have dramatically different laws. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here, so ensure the dancers you hire know and abide by those in your area.

3. They’re Not Escorts

This should go without saying, but exotic dancers and escorts are not the same things. Reputable exotic dancers won’t blur that line, either. In fact, the most reputable exotic dancers will end your event in the face of any type of solicitation (and you’ll forfeit all fees, as well).

4. They Don’t Allow Photography or Videography

A sure sign that you’re working with an amateur dancer or one who’s not on the up and up is if they allow you to take photos and videos of the event. Reputable dancers don’t allow photos or videos without express permission for a couple of reasons. One of those is to protect themselves. However, another is to protect you and your reputation.

Kitty Cat Now for Reputable Exotic Dancers

At Kitty Cat Now Tampa, we understand the importance of discretion and good taste when it comes to exotic dancing. Our dancers are fully vetted with in-depth background checks. Our screening process is one of the best in the industry, and our dancers also understand the rules and laws governing their shows. If you’re planning an event, from a bachelor party to a long weekend, our girls would love to be part of it.

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