Hire The Hottest Strippers for Parties in Tampa

Feeling the party planning blues? Tired of the same monotonous themes and predictable playlists? We hear you. If ordinary parties make you *yawn*, prepare for something extraordinary.

Meet Kitty Cat Now Tampa
– The sprinkle of glam and the sizzle of excitement your party has been missing.

Ask any party host – the secret to an unforgettable night isn’t just the ambiance or the cocktails, it’s the entertainment. And not just any entertainment. We’re talking about show-stopping performances that echo for days, the kind that Kitty Cat Now’s alluring strippers bring to the floor.

Whether it’s the playful charm of our Strip-O-Gram or the full-throttle energy of our 4 Girl Extreme Show, we serve moments that transform evenings. And once you experience it, there’s no settling for anything less.

Not Just for Bachelors!

Think our brand of spice is only for bachelor parties? Think again. We’ve spiced up birthdays, boat parties, divorce parties, and even those ‘just because’ wild nights out. From casual gatherings to major milestones, Kitty Cat Now Tampa promises a flavor of audacious fun perfect for every occasion

Dive Into Our World of Temptation

Our repertoire? A smorgasbord of sizzling offerings:
– Topless Waitresses: Glamour and drinks? It’s a heady combo you didn’t know you needed.
– XXX Extreme Shows: Not for the faint of heart, especially when power tools enter the stage. Ready for a thrill?
– Fantasy Shows: Let your dreams dictate the rhythm as our performers ignite the atmosphere
– Boobs and Bacon: Two topless beauties serve breakfast with a side of excitement
– Little Kitten Show: Big fun in a small package- dances, games, shots, and playful antics

Your Party, Your Rules

Variety’s the spice of life, and we champion it. Tailor your experience, select your favorites, or design something brand new. At Kitty Cat Now, we’re crafting moments, not just performances.

A Little Pro Tip Before We Part

A fiery performance deserves a fiery audience. A pinch of appreciation and a dash of respect can turn your event into [City]’s most talked-about bash.

Your unforgettable party experience is just a call away. Don’t just throw a party, throw a Kitty Cat Now Tampa party. Because life’s too short for the ordinary.

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