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The holiday season is almost upon us. Thanksgiving is close upon us, with Christmas and then New Year’s close behind. That means spending time with family and it means feasting. It also means it’s time for some post-feast fun, Kitty Cat Now Tampa style! But do strippers really have a place in your holiday plans? They should!

Creating an After-Feast Party You’ll Remember for Years to Come

Strippers might not be your first thought when it comes to holiday gatherings. However, there’s plenty of time after the feast to share in good times with some of your closest (and hottest) new acquaintances. It’s all about creating an after-feast party.

First, make sure you plan your day correctly. You’ll want to hold your holiday feast early enough that you’re not still feeling the effects when nighttime rolls around and the beautiful girls arrive. So, make sure you have plenty of time to eat and digest.

You probably also want to give your guests time to hang out and then slowly depart unless you plan to invite them to the after-feast party. And why not? Your uncles and cousins might enjoy getting up close and personal with gorgeous women as much as you do!

You should also consider your after-feast libations. What will you have in terms of food and drink? You probably won’t want to eat much after gorging yourself on turkey and stuffing, but you should at least have some snacks, along with your beverage(s) of choice.

Another important tip is to set the mood with the right décor, lighting, and music. Do you want to go with a themed event? Sexy pilgrims and Indians, naughty Mrs. Claus, or sultry snow nymphs can all help make your holiday bash the best event of the season. Toss on some holiday-related music for a sexy strip tease, or heat things up with something a little faster.

Finally, get ready to enjoy some of the hottest strippers in your area into the wee hours of the morning. Whether you’re finding new things to be thankful for, celebrating the gift of beauty, or ringing in the new year, an after-feast party is a great solution.

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At Kitty Cat Now Tampa we know just how to heat up your after-feast party. Our gorgeous girls are ready to go, whether you choose a single-strip show a two-girl fantasy show, or something else entirely. Check out our scintillating packages and specials to make your after-feast party an incredible experience that you’ll be eager to repeat next year!

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