Boys’ Night In with Stripper Pool Parties

Have you started thinking about what you are going to be doing the next time you and your buddies get to hang out together in Tampa? If you are just going to be doing more of the same, such as playing video games, watching sports, and having some beer, it’s time that you rethought things.

Sure, all of those can be great fun… but you want to expand your horizons and do something different from time to time. A pool party is a great place to start, but we can do a lot better.

A Pool Party to Remember

Why not have a pool party? What if you don’t have a pool at your home, though? You and your friends can always find a rental for a weekend that has a pool. You might even be able to find an indoor pool, which can be nice if the weather isn’t agreeable.

Of course, you don’t just want a pool party. You also want some drinks, some food, and some entertainment. The drinks and food could be catered, you could grill, it could be a BYOB potluck, or whatever you choose. The entertainment is where things start to get truly interesting, though.

Why not hire a stripper—or several strippers—to perform a show for you and your friends? Whether you want a simple strip tease for an hour, or something a bit more detailed—and naughty—such as an extreme show, there are options. Kitty Cat Now Tampa has gorgeous girls and a wide range of options that you might love. There are even shows with up to four girls.

You could also hire a topless or nude waitress if you would like. Imagine lounging around a pool with your pals having drinks and food brought to you by beautiful women. That sort of thing never gets old.

Consider the Guys Coming to the Party

When you are hosting your pool party for the guys, and you will be having strippers, you need to think about who you will be inviting. If you have some friends that aren’t into strippers and exotic dancing, they aren’t going to have a good time, so keep them off the guest list, or have a separate area where they can hang out.

Of course, most people will love the entertainment. You can be sure that this pool party is going to be a lot better than just sitting around playing video games and eating chips.

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